About MysaraNewrie

I used to have a diary since my primary school where I wrote about my day before going to bed. Eventually, I find that I am not satisfied as I just keep it for myself and people cannot read it. Then, its all started when one of my friends, Iffira Ruslan introduced me to the blog. 

I love to write as its one of my way to express my feelings and opinions. I am extremely believed that people can know us better by writing as people can read and give their feedback; two-way communication people! Through writing also, I feel that I can be myself by spill it out and share on the desired things and topics.

Blogging is like my online diary. I've been blogged since 2009 and never stop since then. That explains why my URL blog is 'sayabudakcomel' as I want my URL to be funny, catchy and easily remembered by people. I have shared my personal life and my journey here since university where I shared about my students' activities, my study, my family and friends. I do feel honored when I know people read my blog and it keeps me going to even write more. 

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