Before I Say I Love You

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

But I was looking for someone else. The last time I had seen him, on the night of the fire. He had hold my hands, told me I had save his life and looked at me if he loved me. How close we had been then !

But now he entered the room without even looking at me and took a seat with the ladies. I could not stop looking at him, rather like a thirsty man who knows the water is poisoned but cannot resist drinking. I had never intended to love him. I had tried hard to destroy all feelings of love for him but now that I saw him again, I could not stop myself loving him.

I compared him to the other gentleman present. They were all fine, handsome men but they did not have his power, his character, his strength or indeed his deep laugh or his gentle smile. I felt that he and I were the same sort of person. That there was something in my brain and heart, in my blood and bone, that connected mo to him forever.

And although I knew I must hide my feeling, must never allow myself to hope, I also knew that while there was breath in my body, I would always love him

p/s : diambil dari sebuah novel English lama :)

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