Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The princess keep on crying all day along. She could not forget her prince. She thought that her prince will search for her. But it was useless. The princess keep on crying and crying..

Suddenly, the prince come and persue the princess. The prince said millions of sorry to the princess. The princess felt happy that her prince is come back to her but at the same time, the princess felt unsecured that she might be be hurt again at the future

With the some conditions, the princess accept her prince again. The prince said that it wont gonna happen again and the princess will keep the promise in her heart. The princess try to forget what had happen but sometimes she keep thinking about that

The prince said "..And they live happily ever after.."
but the princess said "..The story had started just now and suddenly it becomes to the end?.."

If I am the princess, should I be happy?

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